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Spain celebrates the arrival of summer with El Gordo de Verano, one of the most important raffles in the world. The format is identical to the Christmas Gordo, with 17 extraordinary prize categories and thousands of winning combinations.

Make your ticket order now.

  • One of Spain’s world-famous annual Sorteo Extraordinario raffles
  • Payouts per draw in excess of €100 million
  • Win up to eight times per ticket
  • Mind-numbing overall odds of 1/3
  • Fifteen extraordinary prize categories with thousands of winning combinations


Why Play?

With 1/3 overall odds (perhaps the best in the world for our money!), a minimum of 70% of ticket sales contributing to the prize pool of over €100 million, and a prize structure that spreads the wealth to thousands and thousands of winners, you too can beat the heat with the lottery event of summer—Summer Gordo!



Summer Gordo has an identical format to Spain’s other annual Sorteo Extraordinario raffles. Tickets (billetes) each contain a five-digit number. Each billete is printed multiple times in their own series (serie) due to the popularity of the raffle; the amount of serie produced varies year to year. Identical billetes will each have their own unique serie number. A décima is the equivalent of a tenth of a billete and can be purchased individually in exchange for a tenth of the prize amount. The product of serie and billete/décimas represent the grand total of shares at stake. Each five-letter number and each prize value are then finally matched together.



Summer Gordo was developed as a little sibling to Spain’s Christmas raffle; as such it follows big sister’s footsteps in both style and substance. Taking place once a year every July in Madrid, it is an occasion for all Spaniards to assemble in joyful anticipation of one of the country’s only three lottery draws with payouts that swell beyond €100 million!


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