IMVALAP | Loteria Nacional El Gordo
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Loteria Nacional El Gordo

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El GORDO is one of the most popular CHRISTMAS LOTTERIES in Spain with an overall etimated odds of 1/7 (Winning prizes).


Because the Jackpot is over 2 Billion, with an etimated mind-boggling total number pirzes. You really don´t want to miss out on the biggest event of the holiday season “El Gordo”…

Country : SPAIN
Time Zone : CES
Currency : Euro
Draw Dates : 22nd DecemberFriday
Draw Time : 09:00 CES
Price : 20,00

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How to play to El Gordo

To buy a whole ticket means a (tenth) and thus have a chance of winning, hence many people prefer to buy a €20 “décimo”, or tenth of a sheet.

Want to watch a video to learn how to play?

EuroJackpot prizes

The EuroJackpot prizes, especially the prize corresponding to the first category, belong to the biggest prizes of lottery of Europe. Specifically, the EuroJackpot awards are, after the EuroMillions awards, the highest in Europe.

The minimum weekly boat established is 10 million Euros. In addition, the pot increases each week in case there is no winner of the first category prize. The higher the jackpot of the first category prize, the more players participate that week in the EuroJackpot draw.

The pot increases every week until a winner gets the pot. The concept of the EuroJackpot lottery is that more players get more prizes than the EuroMillions lottery.

prizes eurojackpot
distribution prizes eurojackpot

EuroJackpot prizes distribution

The EuroJackpot lottery has been conceived in order to distribute more prizes to more players. For this reason, a total of 12 categories of prizes have been established.

Of course, the first category, as well as the second and third categories, are associated with a higher award. The amount of the prizes according to categories varies weekly and depends on the total amount accumulated.

Frequency of numbers

frequency number

Most frequency numbers

most frequency numbers

EuroJackpot Lottery Requirements

Here are the most important rules and regulations that you should keep in mind if you want to play the EuroJackpot lottery:

To play the EuroJackpot lottery you must be at least 18 years old. Of course, this depends on the legislation on the game of each country. You should therefore inform yourself about this in your country of residence.

There can only be one winner for a EuroJackpot lottery ticket. This means that in the event of a dispute for a EuroJackpot prize, it will only be for the holder of the ticket. This problem does not exist if you buy your EuroJackpot ticket online, since before you buy a lottery ticket online you must fill in your personal data and these are recorded and associated with the purchase of your ticket.

EuroJackpot prizes can only be charged in your country of residence, even if you have purchased the ticket outside of your country of residence.

The EuroJackpot draw is held on Fridays at 9pm in Helsinki, Finland. You can buy your EuroJackpot ticket online a few hours before the draw. Even in some suppliers, you can buy your ticket up to a few minutes before the start of the raffle. If you purchase a EuroJackpot ticket once the draw has started, it will be valid for the next draw.

If you buy your EuroJackpot ticket online in Lotolandia and this is awarded, the prize amount is automatically displayed in your player account. You can transfer the balance of your player account to your bank account in your country of residence at any time. Depending on the law of your country you will have to pay taxes for your prize.